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At Renew’d, we facilitate you...

At Renew’d, we facilitate you and your body to access your own innate wellness abilities via specific tools that help you to connect with your body which organically empowers you to make lifestyles changes and help you naturally heal more easily on your own. We do this by utilizing a multi-faceted model of movement and wellness activities,  Renew’d, integrates three essential components: Yoga, Healthy Cooking, and the three energetic activities, music, art and drumming. We use these activities to open up and unblock the brain in developing new life strategies for dealing with:

        • Overcoming the stresses of life
        • Removing tension from body
        • Learning how to re-connect with your body’s natural rhythms
        • Learning how to sustain greater well being
        • Making more conscious healthier life choices
        • Learning how to create a better self-correcting, self-sustaining “optimal health”
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